Hey Beautiful

Already Pretty 8/2 3:27P Sally
When I was in high school, my dear friend Emily would address me by saying, Hey, beautiful! It always unnerved me back then, though I would never have been able to articulate why. With my 20-20...

Reader Request: Rut vs. Signature

Already Pretty 8/1 3:18P Sally
Reader Brenda sent me this fantastic question: I ve been considering the difference between a style rut vs. developing a signature look. I ve read, for example, that Anna Wintor routinely wears a...

Reader Request: Wedding Dresses

Already Pretty 7/31 3:06P Sally
Alex hit me up with this fabulous request: A few days ago, I bought my wedding dress! Yay! And I had a particularly awesome experience. From paying attention to not only wedding blogs that I trust but...

The Value of Dressing Your Today Body

Already Pretty 7/30 2:54P Sally
A girlfriend of mine has been unhappy with her body for well, for as long as I ve known her. She is one of the most naturally beautiful women I ve ever known, and her generous, open, loving...

Reader Request: Work Badge and Cell Phone Solutions

Already Pretty 7/29 2:45P Sally
Sarah sent me this question: I was wondering if you had ever written anything on being stylish and having to wear a work badge. I work in an office (business casual, more business than casual). I like...

What is Vanity?

Already Pretty 7/28 2:40P Sally
Here s a topic we ve discussed before, but that definitely merits re-visiting: Vanity. I take photos of my outfits  and post them to a public blog. I am constantly encouraging women to find clothing...

Reader Request: Opaque White Shirts

Already Pretty 7/27 2:39P Sally
I ve had many, MANY requests flow in through Facebook , comments, and e-mails for help finding opaque white shirts. Some of you are hoping to find button-fronts, others tees, but everyone is...

Snark Sells

Already Pretty 7/26 2:25P Sally
A few weeks ago, one of the major local TV networks asked me to contribute to post-Golden-Globes red carpet commentary. It was an amazing opportunity that would ve put me in front of an audience I don...

Speak to Your Body as You Would to a Friend

Already Pretty 7/25 2:22P Sally
One of those little nuggets of body image wisdom that floats around a lot is this: When you find yourself berating your body for its shortcomings, mentally scolding it for its faults, shaking your...

Reader Request: Dressing Up While Others Dress Down

Already Pretty 7/23 2:08P Sally
Lovely reader Bonnie who is a university student sent this question via e-mail: While I don t dress in a particularly fancy way (I normally wear a collared shirt with dark wash jeans and riding boots,...

Reader Request: Boho Professional

Already Pretty 7/22 2:02P Sally
Reader Lena made a request on the AP Facebook page for some Boho professional options. Harem pants go to work! she said. Shortly thereafter, Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen did a fabulous post on the very same topic , so I ve GOTTA point you there,...

Loving What You Hate

Already Pretty 7/21 1:52P Sally
For eons, my body image hang-ups have centered on my little belly-pooch. Why is it there? Why won t it flatten? Will doing the wrong kind of sit-ups really make it MORE prominent? Were low-rise pants...

Reader Request: Being a Savvy Shopper on eBay

Already Pretty 7/20 1:37P Sally
Martha e-mailed me this question: You have so many wonderful handbags, and your posts often note that they are from eBay . Do you have any tips for hunting for bags on eBay ? Do you search for a...
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