How Not to Thrift

Already Pretty 2/7 11:38A Sally
My love for That Mitchell and Webb Look has been well documented here on the blog, and over the years this BBC show has done some great bits about marketing, feminism, and style. I have mixed feelings...

10 Valentine’s Day Pieces from Amazon Prime!

Rachel's Lookbook 2/7 4:14A Rachel
Valentine s Day is only a week away, can you believe it?! I can t! Over the years, I ve celebrated Valentine s Day in many ways. My husband and I either stay in and order sushi to-go or enjoy a nice...

How to Do Scarves in Summer

Already Pretty 2/5 11:30A Sally
Here s the part where I reveal, once again, that I m a relative newcomer to the world of fashion. I m pretty sure that scarves were NOT considered to be appropriate summer accessories until about 10...

Reader Request: Dressing the Slender Frame

Already Pretty 2/4 11:15A Sally
Reader Nicole wrote an e-mail asking for some posts that discuss style for very thin women. Specifically: Advice for dressing thinner frames, both petite and lanky like what flatters the parts to...

How Shoes and Shorts Interact

Already Pretty 2/3 11:09A Sally
But before I dig into how shorts and shoes play off one another and affect body proportions, one quick note: Yes, you can wear shorts . I don t care how old you are or how much you weigh or what your...

Reader Request: Thrifted Staples

Already Pretty 2/2 11:02A Sally
Lisa requested a post on my most-worn thrifted items and examples of how they ve been remixed. How could I say no to THAT one? I scoured the archives looking for my most-worn, bought-used garments,...

Reader Request: Highlighting Your Face Without Earrings

Already Pretty 2/1 10:51A Sally
Reader Jenni threw this one into the suggestion box: the next time you post about jewelry, could you share some thoughts for drawing attention to the face for those of us who can’t wear earrings? i...

Color Blocking Shortcuts

Already Pretty 1/31 10:50A Sally
Oh, color blocking. You are a concept that has been floating around the fashion world for several years now, making many of us scratch our heads in confusion. You sound so simple! I mean, isn t color...

The Outfit List Revisited

Already Pretty 1/30 10:46A Sally
It s been many years since I first posted about my trusty outfit list . Much has stayed the same over time. I still spend a big chunk of time three or four hours every couple of months going through...

The Benefits and Pitfalls of Brand Loyalty

Already Pretty 1/29 10:33A Sally
As I ve mentioned before, I am brand loyal. I love Fryes , I love Clarks , I love Prairie Underground  long cloak hoodies, I love Karen Kane jeans and Desigual everything. As someone who knows...

How to Deal with Ill-fitting Shoes

Already Pretty 1/28 10:25A Sally
Now. The best way to deal with ill-fitting shoes is never to buy them to begin with. But there are many reasons why they might sneak into our wardrobes: They feel fine at the store, they feel fine for...

Reader Request: Resolving Post-purchase Fit Issues

Already Pretty 1/27 10:18A Sally
Reader Susan e-mailed me this question: [A recent post] made me think about a pair of my jeans. They fit great in the store, they fit great if I walk around the store, but in real active life they...

Assume Positive Intent

Already Pretty 1/26 10:10A Sally
Many years ago at a previous job, I was put through several rounds of sensitivity training with my colleagues due to internal personality conflicts and petty strife. It was a very frustrating and...

Stylish Travel Essentials

Already Pretty 1/25 10:05A Sally
I ve said it once, I ll say it again: Compared to many, I m a travel novice. And when I say many, I mostly mean Audi. Audi of  Fashion for Nerds  is my personal idol when it comes to packing advice....
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